SonarQube training for an IoT device maker

SonarQube training for an IoT device maker

Client need

Project background

A company making connected devices had taken SonarQube into use. The intention was to integrate the the tool into the build pipeline​ as part of efforts to automate quality checking of the software.

The company had two two distinct problems. First, since the companys embedded and cloud software teams have a long track record, there was a lot of warnings and errors due to legacy code. Second, they had not yet managed to get SonarQube to integrated and work with them in their current workflow.

The company reached out to Fraktal for training on how to best integrate and make use of SonarQube.

Special requirements

The client wanted a trainer with extensive experience in working with SonarQube and an excellent delivery to make an impact.

We delivered


We created a classroom training package for the client's teams including a training environment that mirrored their technology stack. A training day for each team had an introductory lesson, covering what static code analysis is, where its strengths are and how SonarQube works. The majority of the day were then focused on exploring the training environment, focusing on the specific problems the team had encountered and adapting the proposed way of working.

Since there were two distinct teams with different experiences with SonarQube and different needs, the training were adapted as to let the more experienced team explore the more advanced options SonarQube allows for while bringing the other team up to speed. Towards the end of the last day both teams were brought in to work on adapting their projects to the new workflow and to strengthen the teams exchanging experiences and knowledge between themselves.

The participating teams found the training to provide a much-needed advance to their SonarQube adoption. They especially liked that the training reflected their reality in both use of technology stack and how the adaption of SonarQube could make their day to day work easier.

Technologies and methods


We leveraged our expertise of the tool to benefit our client.

Classroom training

We created and provided hands-on classroom training for two development teams.