Data analytics platform security for an energy company

Data analytics platform security for an energy company

Client need

Project background

An energy sector client was building a data analytics platform in the cloud. The platform is used to gather operational data from multiple locations and analyzed in various dashboards for operational and business decision-makers.​

Special requirements

The information on the platform is business critical. Is must remain protected against any illegitimate changes, so that the analytics can be used to support business decisions. ​

The data could be used by competitors for their advantage, so there had to be effective controls.​

The client is a publicly traded company. The information processed on the platform is considered insider information. There are special protection and audit trail needs for the access.​

We delivered

Cyber security risk assessment

Fraktal produced a cyber security risk assessment to lay foundation for the security design. The client was previously not utilizing cloud services for processing business critical information, and due to their requirements, expected a good level of security in practice.

Azure security architecture design

Fraktal delivered a full security architecture design to support the implementation project. The design covered all services and systems of the platform.​

The design communicated how the risk-based security features are implemented on the services, systems, and their integrations. These features included for example identity management, access authorizations, protecting data at rest, encrypting data in transit, backups, and security logging architecture connecting all the log sources.

Technologies and methods


The platform uses various Azure services for compute, storage, networking, and security.​


The project used infrastructure-as-code approach.​


Snowflake was used for cloud-based data-warehousing.​


The dashboards and reports where created using PowerBI.​