We are cyber security consultants, hackers and senior professionals, who are committed to deliver results through a constructive and positive approach.


Tuomo Makkonen is a Practice Leader and Co-founder.

Tuomo is the head hacker and leading the technical consulting in Fraktal. He has worked in cyber security for almost two decades, starting in software development following challenging consulting gigs. He is truly the master of offensive cyber security and has a breadth of experience in Red Teaming and digital forensic investigations of breaches (DFIR).


Marko Buuri is a Practice Leader and Co-founder.

Marko is an experienced risk professional fluent in cyber security, information security, business continuity and cyber resilience. With his background in government organisations and companies, Marko is your confidant in making sure your digitalisation program is a security success, as well as developing security management and competencies in your organisation. 


Valtteri Rahkonen is a principal software security consultant.

Valtteri leads software security services at Fraktal. He has worked in software development for over two decades. For the main part of his career, he has been building security products related to threat prevention and next generation firewalls. Valtteri is experienced in secure development, coaching development teams, and ensuring the security of software products.


Tommi Laukkanen is a senior security developer.

Tommi is a security-oriented full-stack developer and a cloud architect. He has extensive experience on cloud platforms under strict requirements, such as implementing ISO 27001 and healthcare regulation on AWS. Tommi is used to solving problems creatively by developing his own automation tools.​


Jani Kallio is an Executive Advisor, CEO and Co-founder.

Jani is a strategic-level adviser. Since the late 1990s he has worked in cyber security, started his career as a hacker-hunter in law enforcement, then in international leadership positions in several sectors including telcos, financial services and consulting. He supports C-suite and Boards in governance, risk, compliance as wells as in cyber/risk leadership and management. 


Henri Lindberg is an active board member and an all-around hacker.

Henri has been professionally breaking software and discovering security issues for well over a decade. Nowadays providing artisanal consulting through his own company, while advocating cyber positivity at Fraktal board and joining selected Fraktal assignments.​ Offensive security professional at heart, with management experience. In his free-time Henri volunteers for T2 Infosec conference advisory board and respects anything showcasing high quality and craftmanship.

What is Fraktal?

As a company Fraktal is new and agile, with a fresh approach to security. We have on average 20 years of experience in the field, as a consultant, CISO, CRO, SVP, VP, researcher, cyber cop and forensics investigator amongst many roles. Together we have served organisations in multiple countries with hundreds of assignments.

Fraktal is also a pattern of security throughout your organisation. From institutes to innovation, from societies to systems, from AI to apps and from cloud to your premises. Cyber security is there, vast and narrow, humane and technical, predictable and surprising. It’s like a fractal, always another layer below or above another. We can  draw it for you. 


Designing secure IT architectures for the 2020s

  • Roadmaps to zero trust architecture
  • Validating technology options for secure infrastructure

Validating current security posture

  • Attack path analysis (for example with MITRE ATT&CK) to uncover critical weaknesses
  • Targeted attack simulations to test prevention and detection (Red Teaming)
  • Expert in TIBER exercises delivering red and white team

Benchmarking security performance

  • Testing capabilities of your security operation service providers (SOCs)
  • Validating performance of detection and response (MDR/EDR) solutions


Implementing resilient cloud infrastructures 

  • Secure cloud adoption with leading platforms (Azure, AWS, Google, Kubernetes) 
  • Cloud-native architectures (IaC)

Supporting digitalization projects with security insights 

  • Risk analysis work to discover security objectives 
  • Threat models to support secure development activities 



  • Securing operations with compliance automation
  • Leveraging cloud tools in security operations
  • Training your staff and IT partners

Cyber incident response training

  • Facilitating purple teaming
  • Secure development training
  • Facilitating cyber crisis exercises for operational and leadership teams

Supporting your security management

  • Creating processes, documentation to support leading cyber security standards and regulation compliance (such as NIST CSF and ISO 27001)
  • Providing security expertise as a service
  • Assisting in internal security hires
We are hiring!

We are committed to providing the best working environment for seasoned and aspiring professionals. We have the safe haven to hone your mastery in. We are willing to invest into what matters most to us, our clients, and our business – the Fraktal team. We are keen to offer you a chance to thrive as part of our clients’ security success.

What does it take to have a positive impact on cyber security? To join us, we hope you find some of the following close to your ambitions: software development, modern IT, cloud-native architectures, building your own tools, providing training and workshops, improving processes and culture, applying frameworks and standards, creating crisis exercises for operational and management teams, creative thinking, and how to be a trusted advisor to clients.

Here are some abbreviations we hope you find exciting: AWS, GCP, Azure, DevSecOps, CI/CD, ATT&CK, OSINT.

We are constantly looking for new talents in multiple areas. Interested? Drop us a line!

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We share the entrance and office space with the best DevOps company PolarSquad Ltd. Welcome to our offices!

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