OSINT engagement for a space company

OSINT engagement for a space company

Client need

Project background

A company in space industry is expanding rapidly and were looking to do some overall health checks of their security.​

The first step of improving the security posture was an OSINT engagement to see what kind of information is open to the public and what could be used by a motivated attacker targeting this company.​

Special requirements

The assignment came with two objectives.

The company was founded with strong ties to the local universities. This have led to there being a lot of research and documents written regarding what is now considered sensitive information.​ First objective was to locate what information was still available.

The company provided two of their IP address ranges. The second objective was to gather technical intelligence based on those.

We delivered

Open source intelligence

Fraktal conducted open source intelligence gathering and delivered a report of the findings.​ This allowed the company to take appropriate action to remove unexpected content from the internet as well as harden their technical security posture. The business context threat intelligence ​can be used in employee awareness of how an external attacker can analyze a company.

Technologies and methods

Technical threat intelligence

We used multiple methods to gather information about the technical attack surface of the client.

Business context threat intelligence

Openly available business data and documents were analyzed to uncover possible leaks and weaknesses.

Social media threat intelligence

Social media data reveals organizational details, roles, and relationships an attacker might leverage.